Your Online Leadership Academy

Our online leadership academy helps you deliver leadership growth and development. Become a better leader and be more effective in your management and business career.

"Developing better leadership skills and supporting leaders to grow their effectiveness is one of my greatest passions. That's why I built the Coach Curl Academy. It's your online leadership academy"
Tony "Coach" Curl

Effective leadership courses

Online leadership courses that help you plan and grow your career and business. Develop your leadership toolkit and be more effective in every situation. It’s all here at your online leadership academy.

e.q. Self Leadership & Mindset

Mindset is one of the big differentiators in leadership, developing self-awareness allows you to build courage and take your emotional intelligence to the next level. Where is your mindset leading you?

team leadership courses

Leading teams means bringing a clear purpose to a potentially diverse team. Creating harmony with team goals, aligning to a vision and bringing clarity to roles and expectations. You can learn it all at the Coach Curl Academy, your online leadership academy.

what you can expect

Grow Yourself

Growing yourself and your career through a dedicated growth plan for you. Resilience, Mindset, Emotional Intelligence.

100% Online

Everything is available online for your convenience. You also have access to growth plans for marketing and social media

Learn at Your Pace

Learn at your pace. Some learn quick, others take more time. It's online at your pace so you can get the actions and delivery right.

All Devices

Your online leadership academy is accessible on all devises, not locking you in front of a computer. On the subway, no problems.

Contact Your Coach

Contacting your coach is just an email away. Access to Coach Curl is a real benefit for when you need it. Email contact available for you.

Customer Experience

Your Online Leadership Academy is geared for customer experience. You will be amazed how user friendly the academy is.



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  • 18 Programs
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95 /month
  • Over 75 Programs
  • All Categories
  • Monthly Live Training
  • Mini Courses
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  • Q & A Webinars

Building Better Leaders

Contact us today to discuss how we can incorporate our leadership academy with leadership development for the leaders in your organisation. Building better leaders to help your company grow.