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The Goal Guide – Breaking it Down

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Welcome to the Goal Guide. This is an insight in goal setting and the Power of Goal Setting program in the CCA. Today we will provide an insight into goals, what they mean to you and your life. How to set goals and look forward

Goals are an important part of being successful today and for many who don’t get where they want to, its often because of a deficiency of goal setting

This program is a part of our Power of Goal Setting Program in the Coach Curl Academy

Integral & Essential

An integral and essential part of our lives – additionally a part of our daily lives.

Often our lives are impacted more than we know by the goals we set daily. A goal to exercise – a goal to eat healthy – a goal to rest up. Success will lie on how well we deliver daily goal setting – John Maxwell tells of that success is found in our daily agenda.  Our lives become powerful when our daily goals are aligned with goals that define our purpose and our aims on life

Setting it Up

And this is where goal setting sets us up for our life. When you know what it is that you want to achieve – goals help guide the way. They allow us to measure where we are at they give is a strong sense of direction a roadmap and a plan for our life

It’s a Habit of the Successful

Goal Setting is a habit of the successful. If you want to be successful, set goals. If you want to succumb to the ebbs and flows of life, drift along and let life take you where it wants to take you.  The journey of working towards a goal fuels our journey – giving and providing the energy we need as we undertake the steps in the journey. And it’s not just individuals that benefit from goal setting do organisations – when you know where you are aiming at – it’s far easier to set the actions you need to get there.

Utilise our Strengths

Goals allow us to learn and utilise our strengths and improve our weaknesses. As we build along the journey of utilising our strengths our confidence and self esteem grows. Focus is another integral part of our journey and goals set right empower our focus and helps us stay on our path – even though it may get rocky some times.

When we have focus – we do find it easier to prioritise and helps us to ignore distractions. So what are some of the best tips you find in common goal setting theories – and more important from researching how successful people attain results and outcomes?

Write It Down

WRITE THE DOWN.  This is step one of successful goal setting.  This is our first action – when we write our goals down we give them life we breath life into them and give us a foundation for our journey – a starting point. A “You are here” moment

It’s a point of reference – a commitment, an intention, a joining of the cognitive processes – putting action to thought.  It’s a common and vital starting point


A goal has to have meaning to you. It cannot be someone else’s goal or dream. If you love writing and making up stories be a writer. If you are good at soccer of basketball play those sports

The goal has to mean something to you, otherwise it will never generate the motivation to do what you need to do to achieve


Nothing great happens within your comfort zone – its where you may feel safe and secure – but greatness only comes when we stretch.  Goals that stretch us are exciting – they motivate and inspire us. If it is something that you have never done it fuels us. Running the New York Marathon last year was an example of a goal that stretched and excited me – it kept me going through my hard times of injury that plagued me and challenged me, a challenge we met to finish the 42km event.

General Goals Don’t Work

Generally, general goals don’t work  A general goal is something like – I want more money – I want a better life.

Now a goal usually starts life as a general desire to do something or be more but to make it work as a motivator – a big motivator we have to make it specific

Making it specific makes it more effective and when it’s more specific it becomes clearer.  And we have to measure it… we have to know when we are getting closer to it – a specific goal on the I want more money could be something like – I want my first million in the bank before a turn 30 . its specific and it is measurable

Time Frame

Now we have added a time frame to it. Adding a timeframe and a deadline brings urgency into the equation and with that more intention in our actions. And don’t be afraid to put some pressure on that timeline – if you think that book three months to write – give yourself two. It’s a good way to create a real sense of urgency with your goal


Accountability, only you can know what accountability is for you. Can you make yourself accountable? Do you need an accountability partner? Do you need to share

However you have made yourself accountable in the past and made it work – is probably a good place to start again. Just be mindful that telling everyone as some may suggest to you, as this doesn’t work with everyone. They may discourage you. In some cases just telling people is the dopamine kick you may need and they then don’t deliver, because they have had their reward.

Don’t be Afraid to Think Big

Don’t be afraid to think big – about what you can really accomplish. Believing big is a great motivator. Thinking small keeps us stuck

Goals Don’t Work Unless You Do

Here’s some important stuff. Goals don’t work unless you do – so its time to plot some actions for your plans. Dream big – but by setting a plan of attack we can set smaller milestones along the way so that big dream doesn’t appear insurmountable but achievable. Map out your plan to achieve your goal

Enjoy the Journey

As you hit each milestone dopamine will be released and give you a natural reward and that is what will help you enjoy the journey. But don’t be afraid to give yourself a reward along the way as well. It can be a great motivator knowing what the reward is, to keep going during tough times

We all Stumble

You will stumble – absolutely No ever sets out on a goal and achieves it smooth sailing.  When you stumble – simply reset. Remember what’s important and get moving today. Get up, shake yourself off and get moving again

The Coach Curl Academy

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