Embracing Imperfection

Have you ever heard of the term Wabi-Sabi? It’s a Japanese term that refers to the beauty of imperfect things. The concept embraces the imperfections in life and sees them as a necessary part. It’s time to get back to accepting and embracing our own imperfections or that which we find around us.

  1. Did you know that many products you take for granted were the result of imperfections in the manufacturing process?
    If you are at your desk right now, you probably have a pad of sticky notes. Before being transformed into notes, the adhesive was supposed to be much stronger and used for a different purpose. Instead of throwing out the idea, they change the concept around. Corn Flakes were supposed to prevent people from having sexual urges. Other examples include the Slinky and the Hula Hoop.
  2. You should encourage others who have made mistakes, not to worry about it.
    People can get quite nervous when they make mistakes. Let them know it’s natural to make those mistakes and to move on with their lives. When you set up an environment where you help others, when you make mistakes, they will return the favor.
  3. Try to take yourself less seriously.
    If you have imperfections or you make mistakes, try to laugh them off. Not every situation will warrant doing this, but most will. Others will take your mistakes with the same tone that you do. If you keep the mood light, they will as well.
  4. Do something out of your comfort zone.
    Try learning a new skill or doing something daring. Entering into unknown situations will likely lead to mistakes, which is what you want. This can help get you used to making It will help you condition yourself to let them go.
  5. If you find you want to try and change some of your imperfections, start associating yourself with people who don’t have the same imperfections as you. Many believe that success rubs off on others. While this isn’t entirely true, you will pick up positive traits that will help you get over your imperfections.
  1. If you were perfect, you’d be similar to a drone.
    You would be the same as everyone else. Where is the fun in that? When you embrace your imperfections, you will realize they make up who you are. Therefore, it’s best to forget about trying to be perfect. Let others continue to think they are even when they aren’t.

Actionable Tips

  1. The next time you go to a farmer’s market or a supermarket with organic produce, pick out heirloom fruits and vegetables. We have been conditioned to look for perfect foods. The idea is to see if the heirloom foods have a better flavor. They won’t look as appealing when picking them out, but that’s just because we are accustomed to searching for perfect-looking food.
2. Create a list of attributes about yourself that you feel are not perfect. After you have your list, check off the ones that you feel don’t need changing. They are a part of who you are, and you have no intentions of changing them. Keep this list close to you. It will help you focus on more important items and not get hung up on your imperfections.
3. Choose a mistake that you made recently. Write down what the mistake was and what you did about it. Also, write down what lessons you learned from that mistake. Try to do this with every mistake going forward. After writing them down and reviewing the list, you will see that mistakes are beneficial as you continue to learn from them.


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