Beating Burnout

Burnout is a real problem and it affects many people. It can be quite debilitating, too! There are ways to help you reduce burnout from happening.

  1. Learn When It Happens
    Recognize the signs of burnout so that if it does happen to you, there are steps to take to lighten the impact. Even better, knowing the signs of burnout can help you avoid them to begin with.
  2. Don’t Concentrate Too Much Energy on Other People’s Problems
    Are you someone who is always trying to help others with their problems? Maybe, you are the go-to person when situations happen. It’s good to help people but doing it too much can overwhelm you. When you experience other peoples’ problems, it can get to you after a while. This is a common situation in healthcare and other industries where helping people is the job.

    If it starts to affect your life, you will lose your ability to help others. Sometimes, it’s best just to take a break in some way.

  3. Neglecting Your Own Problems
    Along the same lines of helping others, neglecting your own problems is not going to make them go away. You need to deal with your situations promptly whenever possible. If you let them build up, they will contribute to your burning out. Keep your own affairs in order before helping others.
  4. Exercise
    It’s proven that exercise reduces stress. Stress is a major cause of burnout. They go hand in hand. Frequent exercise will help you deal with your situations in an easier manner. This will reduce your chances of sickness and disease as well, which can be quite stressful.
  5. Goals
    If you are just winging it at your job, you will never be able to tell if you are doing a good job. You’ll also try to take on too much which is a major cause of burnout. By having goals, you set up expectations as to what you need to get done. It’s probably a good idea to go over your goals with your manager to make sure he or she is on board.
  6. Change Careers
    Over time, the career you choose will get stale, no matter what you try to do to revive it. If this continues for some time, it may be time to consider a new path. Instead of putting all of your energy into trying to make your stale career work, getting into something new can be just what you need.
  7. Socialize
    We are social creatures. We need to be with others and not just at work. If you find the onset of burnout, consider getting out more and meet people or hook up with people you already know.

Actionable Steps.

  1. Take a vacation or even a mini-vacation. There is a reason why companies give their employees vacation. It’s not just given to entice employees to join the company. More companies instill policies that require their employees to take a vacation. They know that it refreshes them which makes them more productive. Even if you don’t take weeks at a time, taking a couple of days can make a big difference towards combating burnout.
  2. Go to a spa and get a massage. Pamper yourself. Make it a point to do this at least once a month, more if possible. This has been shown to reduce stress which reduces your chance of burnout.


  3. Come up with a schedule that coincides with your goals. It’s great to determine your goals. But, if you don’t break them down into tasks or some schedule, they won’t do you any good. Following a schedule will streamline your life.

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