9 Powerful Tips to Build Self-Confidence

Having self-confidence can mean all the difference between obtaining your goals in life. These tips can help you achieve better self-confidence.

  1. Start with Positive Affirmations:
    Staying positive is going to really help you with your self-confidence. Negativity has the power to rob us of that confidence because we look for excuses on why we can’t or shouldn’t make things work. Therefore, set the stage with positive affirmations. Do it daily.
  2. Exercise More Frequently:
    Exercise has been shown to alter our mood in a positive way. Besides, it makes your body operate as efficiently as possible. This will keep you from bringing yourself down which is a self-confidence buster. Make sure you set up a regular exercise regimen to get the most benefits from it.
  3. Consider Failure Your Friend:
    If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried. Failure is something that can always be learned from. Failure can lead to alternatives that we may not have known about had we not failed. By looking at failure in this way, it will reduce the likelihood of sapping your self-confidence.
  4. Create a Plan for Success
    When we set up a plan for our goals, it is much easier to see early on what is working and where we need to take alternative actions. When we accomplish the various milestones of our plan, our confidence is bound to increase. Do this for every goal.
  5. Read Profiles of Successful People:
    When you read about successful people, you will learn what it took to get to where they currently are. Often, the information provided can be used as a road map for your own journey. There is no greater confidence booster than knowing successful people were once where you are now.
  6. Find a Mentor:
    If you know someone in your life who you find influential, consider taking them on as a mentor. That could be a formal arrangement or it can be as simple as observing that person. See how they handle situations, how they talk to people, and even observe their body language.
  7. Limit Exposure to Negative Sources:
    You can’t remove negativity completely in your life but you can reduce the amount you are exposed to. If you are one who watches or listens to the news, consider doing that less each day. Most news stories are presented in a negative way so it will not help you in becoming more confident.
  8. Try Meditating: Meditation has been shown to flush our minds of all the crazy thoughts that we have throughout the day. It also clears up our thinking which helps set the stage for maintaining a positive outlook. Like exercising this should be practiced frequently as that will increase the benefits associated with it.
  9. Recognize Your Abilities:
    You may have been good at something at one time in your life but haven’t really worked with it in a while. You’d be surprised at how those things learned when you were young can be applicable to your current situation. You may need to look at it in another light but it is there. Just by remembering those abilities could lift up your spirit.

Three Actionable Steps

1- Find someone you know who could become a role model or mentor. As stated, this could be a formal arrangement or simply via observation.

2- Create an action plan for something that you have wanted to get accomplished but have put off. Remember to create alternatives in case some of the items on the plan don’t work as you intended.

3- Create a folder that contains 30-days or 60-days of positive affirmations. Read one every day in the morning and then repeat at night. Reading them out loud is optimal because you have more senses working to absorb them.


Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

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