Defining Leadership in Today’s World

Great leaders throughout history have been compelling. Our history pages are filled with examples of leading from the front and through the fire. Leadership has evolved and changed through the years and will continue to evolve as we forge into the unknown future. We may not know what it looks like in ten years, but we do know what it looks like now.

Leadership in today’s world requires new leadership values. No longer is a leader simply a person who can make a good and inspiring speech. Today, a leader faces challenges of huge political, economic and environmental proportions. A leader should have the ability to convince followers (and others) to change destructive habits, be good communicators and focus more on the participation of women in leadership roles.

While in the past, civilizations have faced war and threats from beyond a country’s borders – today, we face more threats from within. Habits and focus need to be changed to reflect those threats and leaders should have the conviction and morals to convince and advocate positive change.

Convincing people to make positive changes such as changing our habits to better sustain the earth on which we live is the job of the true leader. Recognizing leadership skills in ourselves and others should be studied and followers should choose or elect leaders in their lives who reflect their same moral values.

Reducing poverty is another challenge for today’s leaders. There are speeches made, but few so-called leaders have set forth a plan to help this plight on our landscape. Just as in business endeavors – small goals must be set and reached so that the big vision can be realized.

With our ability to find facts and figures with a click of a mouse, people can be informed about the problems and challenges facing all of us in today’s world and elect and choose leaders who advocate positive change.

Leaders today must also listen to and hear everyone’s input and solutions – including our youth and our seniors – that may have fresh views or answers they’ve reached by years of experience.

Dennis Meadows, Professor Emeritus and Director, Institute for Policy and Social Science at the University of New Hampshire, U.S., recently stated at a forum, “We need leadership in the next decade and we’ll find it. If you want to be a great leader, don’t imagine you’re going to find a way that makes everybody happy.”

That’s an important factor to consider when contemplating leadership in today’s world. What is decided and put into action may not please everyone, but as long as we’re moving toward positive change in a helpful, rather than destructive, way, people should maintain an open mind.

Leadership in today’s world should consist of an approach which is open and transparent and goals and visions should be communicated fast and effectively so that everyone has time to think about how they fit in to the changes which are going to be made.

Styles and challenges of leaders are going to change drastically in the coming years and the results will hopefully be positive and ensure a stronger and better future. Leaders that grow and evolve will be the ones best placed to counter the demands and confusion of the future.

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