Can Leadership Be Taught?

There are plenty of management training programs and various other training on leadership skills. The question that many often ask is, can leadership be taught?

You often hear the term “natural-born leader.” This makes you wonder if people are born with an innate ability to lead. When you start dealing with people on a regular basis, which usually begins in school, you tend to notice leaders emerge among students. Each student had the same teachings in school, and yet, some excel at leadership while others are perfectly content at being followers.

If leadership cannot be taught, then why are there so many training programs dedicated to the subject? It seems like enough people would have caught on that teaching an unteachable skill is a waste of time.

The truth is there are aspects of leadership that can be taught. The problem lies with the people who are trying to learn. Some people don’t want to be trained in the skills of leadership. They are perfectly happy with staying where they are. Let’s face it, with leadership comes some hefty responsibilities. They can make people squirm who are not ready for this.

Some companies require employees to take leadership training. This could be a waste of money for people who do have a natural ability in leadership. The training could also be wrong and do more harm than good for these people. Do companies evaluate these programs to make sure the right types of skills are being taught? Would they even know if they weren’t?

Good leadership is also about having the right type of attitude. If someone with a negative attitude is participating in a leadership training program, this isn’t going to do them much good. The only way it can make a difference is if the training itself turns them into positive thinkers. That is possible, but not likely. A person must want to make that change. Training won’t make them see the light, so to speak.

There are also companies who put candidates through a training program but don’t allow them to use techniques from the training. This often happens when managers themselves have not been through the training but are told they must take candidates from the training program. It’s not that they necessarily have a bad attitude about these candidates. It’s just that they probably don’t know the techniques that are being taught in these programs.

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