Why Dedication Is Key If You Want To Be Your Own Boss

Working for Yourself

The concept of working for yourself and creating a life-changing brand is quite popular in this day and age. The entrepreneurial spirit is evident in the many motivational and productivity blogs circulating the web. Although the idea of working for yourself seems to be that of glamour, the reality of it is quite attainable. There is a variety of factors associated with pursuing entrepreneurship. However, the most important key is developing a sense of dedication.

Dedication can be described in many terms. Universally, dedication can be defined as, “the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.” Total and unwavering commitment takes time and patience. When pursuing the dream of owning your own business or working for yourself, the journey isn’t a short one. Many famous entrepreneurs and business owners spend decades honing in on their skills in order to fulfill their purpose.

They had no choice but to be dedicated to their project because they invested so much time and energy into it. They were fueled by their purpose which ignited in them a certain rush of motivation. In order to succeed, they had to set deadlines, complete tasks and ultimately, remain dedicated.

Being Your Own Boss

Being your own boss can be likened to graduating High School. From grade school on, your ultimate goal is to finish High School and receive your degree. This venture typically takes around 12 years to complete. Although the journey is long, you are at will, by the law, to go to school. You spend countless hours studying, engaging in extracurricular activities and writing papers into the wee hours of the night.

You show up every day and give it your best. You are dedicated. After displaying your commitment, you finally receive that golden ticket, your diploma. Sure, it took 12 years, but your dedication paid off. You are now able to receive countless opportunities.

The act of being dedicated to a particular venture requires a self-sacrificing spirit. You may have to sacrifice social gatherings, unnecessary expenses and even sleep in order to reach your goal. You show up when you’re sick, virtually exhausted and even discouraged because you know your purpose means more than your current needs. If you want to succeed at anything, you have to show the necessary commitment and attention.

A popular writer and blogging guru once stated, “Being dedicated is simply a habit that you create by staying focused on your goal. You can’t be dedicated to something you only feel half-hearted about.” Focus is the gas that keeps dedication rolling. When you take your eyes off of the road, you are prone to crashing. The same is true when starting your brand. If you take your eyes off of your destination and begin to fixate them on something else, you are separating yourself from reaching your dreams.

It’s easy to go to work each day and talk about working for yourself. But, what comes from simply talking? Dedication requires action. You have to have the courage to begin something in order to complete it. Dedication also requires flexibility. Sometimes that initial avenue may not be the road that leads your idea to success.

You have to be open to trying new things, inventing new ideas, and leaving your comfort zone. The truly dedicated business owner doesn’t allow challenges to prevent them from continuing. In fact, they use those small failures as lessons. By outlining your desires and remaining focused, you will be well on your way to living a life filled with purpose, as designed by you!

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